Bheringer Europower PMX 3000 mixer amplificato con effetti (Usato)

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Codice prodotto pmx3000
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Categoria Mixer
Marca Bheringer
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Bheringer Europower PMX 3000 mixer amplificato con effetti (Usato)




Designed for a multitude of applications, the PMX3000 is our mid-sized console-style powered mixer that arms you for anything from standard ensembles to full-blown multimedia events. It features 16 channels (8 mono + 4 stereo), plus stereo tape returns, two monitor paths and extremely flexible I/O options. The 2 x 400-Watt (800 Watts bridged mode) COOLAUDIO amplifier will easily handle a large audience.

With our revolutionary COOLAUDIO amplifier technology you get enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-light weight delivered in an ultra-compact mixer that is nearly half the weight of conventional powered mixers.

Adding to the list of ?big-mixer? features are: our awesome XPQ 3D surround sound effect, an integrated Voice Canceller which removes vocals for karaoke applications, a stereo 7-band graphic EQ with FBQ Feedback Detection, dual 12-segment LED output level meters and faders for precise level control of mono, main 1 and monitor 1 & 2 buses. The integrated mono output can be used to feed an external subwoofer. Stereo power amp inserts and Phones/Ctrl R output with dedicated level control for headphones or powered monitors are also on board.

The PMX3000 features 8 balanced low-impedance mic inputs with state-of-the-art IMP ?Invisible? Mic Preamps, low-cut filter and additional channel inserts plus balanced high-impedance line inputs for direct connection of line sources or high-output instruments. Its full-featured channel strips include input level trim controls, signal and clip LED indicators, dual monitor sends, FX sends, mute and PFL functions plus high-quality 60-mm logarithmic faders for exact level control. Mono channels also include low-cut filters, inserts for connecting external processors and A/B switching for selecting the ¼? TRS or RCA input connectors on channels 9 ? 12. The dedicated CD/Tape input allows you to connect a line-level stereo source so you can play music during your breaks without having to change the fader positions and lose your mix. The super-rugged carrying handle makes it easy to transport while professional SPEAKON® connectors ensure outstanding performance and reliable connection.




Mixer amplificato stereo 2x400 Watt

8 canali mono e 4 stereo più return tape separati

process FX integrato stereo a 24 bit

FBQ, 8 IMP e Phantom power

EQ a 3 bande e filtro passa-alto su i ch. mono

EQ stereo grafico a 7 bande

Funzione voice canceller

Effetto surround XPQ stereo 3D

IN CD/Tape e OUT preamp stereo

Stato:  USATO

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