Piatto per batteria 19" Paiste Signature Full Ride 672,855

390,00 IVA inclusa

Codice prodotto FU19RI
EAN Non applicabile
Categoria Ride
Disponibilità altri pezzi previo ordine no
Tempistica di preparazione prevista 1 giorni lavorativi

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Paiste Signature Line

20" full Ride


On the way to an optimal cymbal sound, a special Paiste sound alloy from patented bronze was developed for the signature series. The result are instruments that have been gaining recognition since their introduction in 1989, and have proven themselves both in the studio and life. The sound has a high expressive power and can be described as filigree, transparent, musical, emotional and colourful.


The Full Ride of the Signature line is a versatile, medium weight ride with rich harmonies and a silver ping. The bell ring is clear, crisp and clearly separated from the actual sound body of the cymbal.

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Ulteriori informazioni

Hand Hammered  Yes

Finish  Regular / Traditional

Alloy  B15 Bronze


Group: Rides

Type: Full Ride

Size: 19 Inch

Series: Signature

Years of production: 1989 - 1996?

Sound file: unknown

Review: The 19" is just a little lighter, and the bell rings at a slightly higher pitch. Jazz and fusion drummers will love this feature; yet it still has the strength and volume capabilities for Rock, Punk, Pop, or Funk.

Stato:  NUOVO

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