Roland Vs-880-S1 Scheda Di Espansione Upgrade Per Vs-880 In Versione 2.0 Automixe Ed Effetti

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Esspansione per VSC-880 in Versione 2.0

- Auto mix function records mixer parameter movements

   such as channel fader and pannig.

- 3 band equalizer for input mix/track mix modes

- easy recording whit eq and effect inserted at input ->track mode

- effects can be inserted into master out

- simultaneous playback of 6 tracks with master mode recording

- new effect algorithms such as voice trasformer and mic simulator

- well-tailored new preset effect patches

- tempo map generation from tapped mark points to sync to external midi sequencer


In case you haven't heard, Roland is offering a system upgrade for your VS-880. We

sincerely believe that this upgrade is one of the best values ever offered by a musical

instrument manufacturer, so if you haven't already purchased this software ,

run to your nearest VS-880 dealer and get it NOW!

Here's what the VS-880-S1 upgrade adds to your VS-880:

• Onboard Dynamic and Snapshot Mix Automation

• 10 New Effects Algorithms (which use the VS8F-1 Card),


Microphone Simulator: this incredible COSM processor models the rich sonic characteristics

of some very expensive high-end mics using the affordable new Roland DR-

20 or Shure SM-57/58 dynamic microphones as the source. You'll have to hear this to

believe it!

New Reverb Processor with gating and ducking modes now in both processors.

VT-1 Voice Transformer which can convincingly alter your vocal gender or produce

some funky robot-like effects, all with external MIDI pitch control!

4-Band Stereo, Dual Mono or 8-Band Serial Parametric EQ

10-Band Stereo or Dual-Mono Graphic EQ

19-Band Vocoder

Lo-Fi Sound Processor

• Lots of Mixer Enhancements, including:

2 Stereo Effects Inserts in the Mix Output

Easy Recording with Effects in Input>Track Mode

• Other new features for:

Tempo Mapping

Track FX Insert Routing

Track Level Control

MIDI Editing and Changing of FX

plus much, much more...


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